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Welcome to the world of Al Meydan, where the elegance of horse rider meets the power of his horse. Al Meydan is not just a collection of perfumes; It is a unique journey that takes you to the heart of the world of racing horses, where excellence and sophistication come alive in every drop. Each fragrance in this collection combines oriental culture and British elegance. This aromatic creation stands out by drawing attention to the breath-taking beauty of the equestrian world. Following this is the brilliance of citrusy tones and delicate floral notes that captivate the senses. These perfumes are distinguished by their deadly sophistication, inspired by the determination of their imaginative spirit. They carry a unique blend of woody and spicy ingredients that reflect the qualities of their imagination – strength and challenge. These fragrances capture the spirit of the launch that marks the beginning of a horse race, intertwining notes of woods and flowers in a unique composition that makes you feel enthusiasm and uniqueness. These perfumes embellish the pinnacle of the collection with a splendid composition that embodies the beauty of horses. As they possess a refined and exquisite style, they mimic the beauty and spirit of racehorses, making them ideal for enthusiasts of regal fragrances in the equestrian world.



The stories of the fragrances in this collection take us on a unique journey, where the qualities of elegant horses and their steadfast knights are combined. Each fragrance tells a new story filled with the allure and power of the horse, with a touch of magic and imagination that transports us to a world of dreams. Each fragrance in this collection combines modern appeal with British culture. It is the gold collection an artistic creation that combines beauty and elegance, where the world of high-end perfumes is combined with the sparkle of pure gold. The perfumes of this group come in transparent bottles containing the royal perfume liquid, which enhances the splendour of the glass and highlights the beauty of the packaging. What remarkably distinguishes this collection is the presence of flakes of 24-carat raw gold, which float like bright stars in the aromatic liquid. This golden touch adds a touch of sophistication, making each perfume bottle shine like a jewel. The fragrance and its components captivate you with its independence; creating a reflection of your personality with a touch of raw gold foil 24 Karat that radiates with the perfume spray to add its own touch to your royal experience.


Musk Collection

The musky perfume group is distinguished by its bright colours and unique scent that captivates the senses and takes you on an enjoyable journey to explore the world of perfumes. Each fragrance in this collection combines modern appeal with British culture. Comprised of various natural ingredients, many essential oils and musky botanicals are extracted to create unique and exciting compositions. The perfumes come in two compositions, the first in the form of a traditional perfume containing a harmonious blend of musky, floral and fruity notes, which gives it unparalleled depth and elegance. As for the second composition, it is a perfume oil characterized by a rich composition of musky and plant essential oils, and it adds a touch of elegance and attractiveness to any occasion. Whether you prefer sweet floral scents or warm woody notes, this collection offers you an unforgettable aromatic experience that reflects your unique personality and enhances your look with elegance and beauty.


Mohra Collection

Junior Collections

Soft and innovative fragrances with natural, alcohol free ingredients that emulate young ambitions and stimulate a passion for the future.


Arabic Oils Collection

Oriental and Aromatic Oils

Premium essential oils made from the world most precious and treasured ingredients and crafted into extraordinary products of sophistication.



Bakhour Wood Chips and Pellets

Hand-picked Agarwood chips often bathed in aromatic oils and pellets of Agarwood and other fascinating oriental ingredients.


Ramasat Signature

Wooden Sets Collection

Wooden boxes of the utmost luxury and distinction contain our products of perfumes, incense and essential oils.