Hawajer Hawajer Hawajer Hawajer


Price: 590 AED (С НДС)
Объем: 75 Мл
590 AED

АРТИКУЛ: 6290360251813

Женский парфюм

The oriental horse, whose features blend with the beauty of its stable and the solidity of its horses, feels as if it is a perfume whose golden lustre envelops its thoughts, but beware of the anger of this horse, for it is not just a leader, it is like a volcano that wastes its affection at any given moment. This fragrance combines modern appeal with British culture. This is Hawajer perfume. In every spray, you feel as if you are shining due to its touches of raw gold. In the top note, the orange flower opens with elegance and sophistication, followed by the heart note with an amazing mixture of tuberose and iris flower, so that this part of the fragrance reflects the strong and spontaneous spirit of the mare Hawajer. At its base, delicate floral scents converge with the strength of sandalwood and cedar. 24-carat raw gold flakes add a royal touch to this fragrance. Hawajer is a horse story that embodies a special touch of brilliance and magic that embodies the power of a poetic imagination.

Вес: 716 G
Толщина: 8.5 См
Ширина: 13 См
Высота: 16 См

Дополнительная информация

It contains 24 karat pure gold foils.

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