Было: 880 AED
Сейчас: 616 AED (С НДС)
Объем: 75 Мл
616 AED

АРТИКУЛ: 6290360251561

Аромат унисекс

This perfume reflects the soul of the horse. There is no evading or escaping the unavoidable decision of its lovers. This fragrance combines modern appeal with British culture. It tells a story of challenge and commitment that is just like the beauty and brightness of its imagination. Its unusual beginning inspires a sweet lavender aroma, followed by a captivating bergamot fusion. This fragrance was made for those who value quality and have good taste in perfume. It reflects the destiny of the purebred horse's symbolism in embodying the greatest noble ideals, as it transfers refined elegance and the values of respect and loyalty into his imagination. It concludes with a rich and sumptuous foundation in which the fragrances of leather and amber blend in perfect harmony. As a result, this fragrance inspired by equine beauty is in accord with their best traits, telling a royal and exquisite story for individuals with good taste and a profound grasp of beauty and elegance.

Вес: 833 G
Толщина: 8.5 См
Ширина: 14 См
Высота: 17 См

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