Было: 880 AED
Сейчас: 616 AED (С НДС)
Объем: 75 Мл
616 AED

АРТИКУЛ: 6290360251547

Аромат унисекс

Who can rival Mayyas in terms of arrogance and mystery? In his nectar, the horse immerses himself in an orchard, using his magic to create an image of attractiveness. The bright, aromatic tones dominate the heart. This fragrance combines modern appeal with British culture. The nectar of the styrax blossom tells a story from the strings of serenity, like a flower in a still arena. The lovely notes of the East ascend with a hint of pink pepper, floating in the air like the sounds of horses on the plains of the horizon. Then came tones of white oud and grey amber, like a parade of royal horses. The musk notes speed up, as if you were on its saddle, free on the horizon. Thus, the scent is drawn with a brush of beauty and elegance, where the horse Mayyas meets as an artistic and lyrical creation, resulting in a luxury and emotional poem. Mayyas is a scent that evokes the beauty of horses and the aroma of emotions at the time of meeting.

Вес: 833 G
Толщина: 8.5 См
Ширина: 14 См
Высота: 17 См

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