Raad Raad Raad Raad


Было: 880 AED
Сейчас: 616 AED (С НДС)
Объем: 75 Мл
616 AED

АРТИКУЛ: 6290360251585

Аромат унисекс

Raad roars like the history of knights, in its fragrance the beauty of patchouli is revealed like melodies. This fragrance combines modern appeal with British culture. The notes of tobacco and berries intertwine with a unique elegance, playing a melody resembling a flirtation, delicately mixing with the beauty of roses and the warm scent of amber. When elegance meets depth, there is a combination of a musky touch and the scent of oud. Thus, the perfume, with its art, paints a fragrant picture in nightly feilds where horses dance, and the fragrance of Raad, fragrant with flowers, full of its scent of goodness and softness. To transport us to a world full of sensations and beauty, where notes vary between tenderness and depth, leaving behind an indelible mark in the magical record of moments.

Вес: 833 G
Толщина: 8.5 См
Ширина: 14 См
Высота: 17 См

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