Ya Weil Ya Weil Ya Weil Ya Weil


Было: 880 AED
Сейчас: 616 AED (С НДС)
Объем: 75 Мл
616 AED

АРТИКУЛ: 6290360251554

Аромат унисекс

Ya Weil's attractiveness stems from the elegance of his name, as he carries the brilliance of his horse's qualities and a story from the depths of nature in his heart. This fragrance combines modern appeal with British culture. This fragrance is made from special elements that emulate the horse's grace and strength. In its top note, a smoky touch shines with the aroma of Indian oud, as well as a trace of flaming beauty and boldness, similar to a horse's fascinating roar. The perfume of guaiac wood seeps slowly into the fragrance's heart, offering a royal and enigmatic touch that reflects the strength of the horse's appeal. Allow the base note to begin with a spectacular departure, where the musk sparkles with elegance and the vetiver oscillates with the cedar wood, finishing the fragrance's aroma with a lustre derived from the grandeur and attractiveness of the horse world. Ya Weil is a fragrance that enchants the senses with its refined elegance and captures the captivating scent of nature.

Вес: 833 G
Толщина: 8.5 См
Ширина: 14 См
Высота: 17 См

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