Dubai Gold Dubai Gold Dubai Gold Dubai Gold

Dubai Gold

Prix: 650 AED (TVA incluse)
Taille: 75 ML
650 AED

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This is how you feel with him: immersed in a world of refinement and beauty, where the beauty of the horse complements the strength and ability of the rider in their shared search of innovation and individuality. This fragrance combines modern appeal with British culture. Bergamot and lemon notes emerge as the sun's beams softly hug their imagination, leaving them with a warm sense of inspiration. A fragrance inspired by the allure of Dubai and the grace of purebred Arabian horses. Its royal blue tint reflects the bright Dubai sky, highlighting the rider's splendour and the beauty of his horse. The heart of the perfume opens like a soft pink petal, in which the scent of roses and jasmine intersects, as if they were flowers scattered by horses in the squares of Dubai. The base of this perfume represents authenticity, as patchouli harmonizes with cedarwood and vetiver, like a jewel drawn by the knight with his steps, while moss adds a touch of mystery and excitement. When you spray Dubai Gold perfume, you can feel its elegance., which will bring back memories of the charming city of Dubai and which gives every moment a touch of magic and elegance.

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Poids: 740 G
Épaisseur: 7.4 Cm
Largeur: 11.5 Cm
Hauteur: 15 Cm

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