Golden Misk Golden Misk Golden Misk

Golden Misk

Prix: 300 AED (TVA incluse)
300 AED

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Musk with a touch of heritage, its tones emanate from the essence of royal white musk powder. At its core, 24-carat gold leaves dance, creating a tale of sweetness from figs and the refreshing zest of bergamot, blending perfectly between sweetness and acidity. Then, peony flowers weave a story of the depth of Arab cultural heritage and the elegance of the authentic world of horses.

Des détails:
Poids: 209 G
Épaisseur: 6 Cm
Largeur: 8 Cm
Hauteur: 11.5 Cm

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Royal White Musk Powder Nectar, White Oud, Fig, Bergamot, Peony with 24 Karat Gold Leaf.