Midnight Sands Midnight Sands Midnight Sands Midnight Sands

Midnight Sands

Prix: 650 AED (TVA incluse)
Taille: 75 ML
650 AED

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Its scent forms a magical bridge between truth and imagination, as its horses love the calm of the night, and its imagination derives its strength from the fragrance of its cold sand. This fragrance combines modern appeal with British culture. This elegant fragrance also weaves an endless imaginary story, carrying within it the breath of dreams and imaginative experiences. With every spray, the shape of his horse is revealed, embracing the scent of sandalwood and the delicacy of vanilla, igniting romantic moments that create an aromatic synthesis that directs the imagination towards an endless horizon, where the horse meets its rider on the soft mulch sand that carries the story of the night between its grains. In the heart of this night world, the scent of roses harmonizes with the spirit of his horse, like a fairy tale song played by gentle breezes to tell the story of a brave knight. When the last note ends, the base note dances with touches of oud and wood, concluding a quiet and unforgettable night show. Those sands look like an artistic painting, where one feels the enchanting loneliness of the desert with the quiet allure of the night.

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Poids: 740 G
Épaisseur: 7.4 Cm
Largeur: 11.5 Cm
Hauteur: 15 Cm

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