Misk Asrar Misk Asrar Misk Asrar Misk Asrar

Misk Asrar

Prix: 380 AED (TVA incluse)
Taille: 50 ML
380 AED

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For Her

Deep in the desert, a horse carrying secrets appears, with its eye-catching orange colour. This fragrance combines modern appeal with British culture. The notes of musk and ylang-ylang from this horse exude secrecy and mystery. Let the intense breezes of cardamom and white jasmine intertwine with the strength of his free spirit, and the scents of patchouli, sandalwood and cedar wrap around him like rings emitting the breath of dreams and aspirations. Musk reveals secrets about his beauty and the depth of the vanilla bottom, which expresses his strength with every growl and move. It represents the secrets of the attractiveness of its colour, taken from the sunset of its desert, along with the power of its fragrance, which tells the secrets of life in all its details and dimensions.

Des détails:
Poids: 565 G
Épaisseur: 5.5 Cm
Largeur: 13 Cm
Hauteur: 15 Cm

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