Oud Al Diwan Oud Al Diwan Oud Al Diwan Oud Al Diwan Oud Al Diwan

Dehn Oud Al Diwan

Prix: 950 AED (TVA incluse)
950 AED

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The initial unveiling of the diwan introduces regal notes of natural Indian oud, releasing an essence of authenticity and purity. The unmatched elegance of oud captures the senses with a delicate woody essence, radiating warmth. Oud transforms into a timeless and profound encounter, revealing nuanced details accompanied by the warmth of wood. This harmonious blend imparts sophistication and depth, creating an unforgettable composition. The fragrance leaves behind a profound, warm aroma with subtle hints of smoke and incense, striking a delicate balance. Diwan is crafted as a precious olfactory masterpiece with a meticulous and profound composition, guiding you through an extraordinary aromatic journey that seamlessly navigates between authenticity and elegance.

Des détails:
Poids: 209 G
Épaisseur: 6 Cm
Largeur: 8 Cm
Hauteur: 11.5 Cm

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Rare natural aged Indian oud oil