Rabdan Zayed Rabdan Zayed Rabdan Zayed Rabdan Zayed


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Rabdan Zayed remains on the horizon, racing, and his knights carry the flag of pride and dignity. His horses fly like the wings of hope, and in the sand desert my dreams race. This fragrance combines modern appeal with British culture. This perfume indicates the perfect harmony and communication between the rider and his horse, just as the perfume is linked to originality and Arab heritage through the use of unique ingredients that carry within them the essence of culture and history. The notes of musk and honey appear in the top note as symbols of vitality and enthusiasm. The notes of luscious leather and Bulgarian rose enter the heart of the fragrance, enhanced by a touch of patchouli that gives it charm and challenge. In the base, this perfume is characterized by the scents of pure, warm oud. Rabdan Zayed is a fragrance that carries the beautiful fantasy experience that a horse experiences when it mixes with the winds of freedom and imagination in Zayed’s lands.

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Poids: 740 G
Épaisseur: 7.4 Cm
Largeur: 11.5 Cm
Hauteur: 15 Cm

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